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TOUCHBeauty Sonic Eye DeviceTB-1583 熱感美眼儀  


  • 40度微溫有助激退眼部黑眼圈及浮腫問題
  • 聲波振動按摩能持續放鬆及舒緩雙目疲倦;
  • 同時亦可加強眼霜吸收,深層導入營養於眼周的皮下組織
  • 配合人體電流操作技術,促進血液循環,改善眼部問題
  • 操作簡單易用,輕巧方便,適合每天使用


  • Sonic Vibration Eye Massager Wand: Reduces dark circle and puffiness. Revitalizes the delicate skin around the eyes, soothes and brightens the eye contour.
  • 40℃ Warm Treatment - The Ideal Partner for Eye Cream: The warm treatment helps to open pores increases the absorption of your eye cream and increases blood circulation.
  • Sonic Vibrating Massage: Sonic vibration increases blood circulation and relax the eyes.
  • Smart Touch Sensor Switch: Touch the metal strip in the wand (smart sensor) and place the massage head onto the skin to switch the device automatically. Innovative smart sensor patent of TOUCHBeauty Sonic Eye Device (Patent NO.201530153674.0)
  • Suitable for everyone that needs extra skincare around the eyes and ideal for moms, office staff, and students.
  • Lightweight & Portable Design: Travel-friendly, comes with a cap to protect the massage head.

TOUCHBeauty Sonic Eye Device TB-1583 熱感美眼儀

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