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Phlips WP3812 On Tap Water Purifier  (5-STAGE FILTRATRATION)

Pure water made easy

Compact and easy to install water purifier that not only gives you safe and pure water by removing bacteria, soluble lead, harmful organic compounds and chlorine, but also keeps all good minerals in your water with a Micro X-Pure filter.


- 5-Stage filtration system that can remove soluable lead and harmful substances as small as 0.1µm* in water including 99.99% of bacteria
- Pure and clean water delivered directly from the filter, eliminating secondary contaminations
- Faucet mount
- A unique filter window design showing filter condition
- Filter change reminder label
- Easy installation with 8 types of faucet adapters
- 3 modes of water delivery: Streaming (unfiltered), Spraying (unfiltered), Filtered Water Streaming
- Made in Japan
* Performance testing meets Japan Water Purifier Association (JWPA) standards.


飛利浦 WP3812 水龍頭濾水器 (5重過濾)


輕巧簡易安裝淨水器不僅可透過殺菌與排除可溶性鉛化合物、有害的有機化合物和氯化物提供安全純淨的水,並且採用 Micro X-Pure 濾網可保留水中的全部有益礦物質。


- 五重過濾系統經測試可過濾溶解性鉛及小至0.1微米*的有害物質,包括99.99%*細菌
- 濾芯直接出水,杜絕2次污染
- 直接安裝於水龍頭
- 另設濾芯窗口檢視濾芯壽命
- 濾芯更換指示標籤
- 備8款水龍頭轉接器,安裝容易
- 三種出水模式:直流(未過濾)、花灑(未過濾)、過濾水
- 日本製造
* 根據日本淨水器協會 (JWPA)標準測試。

Philips WP3812 On Tap Water Purifier

  • Accessories:  8 QuickFit tap-mounting adapters, color coded PureProtect Alert

    Replacement filter cartridge: WP3922

    Water selection: filtered sprayunfiltered sprayunfiltered stream

    Water flow rate: 1.6  l/min

    Color(s): white

    Product weight: 340  g

    Product dimensions (L x W x H): 61 x 138 x 105  mm

    Materials: plastic

  • acteria removal: 99.99  %

    Chlorine removal: >75  %

    Turbidity removal: 3000 liters or approx. 1 year

    VOC Removal: Yes

    Hormones removal: Yes

    Pesticides removal: Yes

    ilter lifetime: 1500 L or approx. 3 months

    Major filter components:

    • hollow-fiber membrane

    • granular activated carbon GAC

    • ion exchange resin

    • pre-filter of sediments

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