Philips Premium Airfryer HD9743/11

Maximum taste, minimum fat

The Philips Airfryer uses hot air to fry your favourite food with little or no added oil. New Fat Removal technology is designed to extract and capture fat from the food, making this the healthiest way to fry for you and your family.


- Fat Removal technology separates and captures excess fat
- Rapid Air technology for delicious crispier results
- Fry with little or no oil
- Digital display with 4 preset cooking programs
- 1.5 times faster than an oven*
- QuickClean and dishwasher-safe for all removable parts
- Our most compact Airfryer fits 0.8 kg of fries
- Fry. Bake. Grill. Roast. And even reheat.
- Hundreds of recipes in app and free recipe book included
* *Compared to French fries and chicken drum sticks in a
conventional oven


飛利浦 Premuim 健康空氣炸鍋 HD9743/11


Philips 健康空氣炸鍋能釋出熱空氣,只需用少量油或無需用油,便可烹調您喜愛的煎炸菜式。全新脂肪脫離技術可迫出和收集食物中的脂肪,以最健康的方式為您和家人煎炸美食。


- 脂肪脫離技術可以分離並收集多餘的脂肪
- Rapid Air高速空氣循環技術可炮製更香脆可口的美食
- 只需用少量油或無需用油
- 有4個預設烹調程序的數碼顯示
- 比焗爐快1.5倍*
- 所有可拆式配件皆可QuickClean快速清洗及適用於洗碗碟機
- 可烹調 0.8千克薯條
- 煎炸、焗、烤、燒,甚至翻熱
- 隨附數百款食譜應用程式及免費食譜
* *與使用傳統焗爐的炸薯條和雞腿比較




Philips Premium Airfryer HD9743/11

  • Accessories Included: Grill pan & Recipe booklet

    Product features:

    1. Automatic shut-off

    2. Cool wall exterior

    3. Cord storage

    4. Dishwasher safe

    5. On/off switch

    6. Ready signal

    7. Temperature control

    8. Power-on light

    9. Quickclean

    10. Advanced Rapid Heat

    11. Non-slip feet

    12. Patented Rapid Air

    13. Preset cooking function

    14. Time control

    Time control: Up to 60 minutes

    Prefix programs: 4

    Power: 1300-1500  W

    Basket capacity: 0.8 kg of fries

    Cord length: 0.8  m

    Voltage: 220 - 230  V

    Capacity basket: 0.8  kg

    Dimensions of product (LxWxH): 365x266x280  mm

    Weight of product: 5.3  kg

    Color of control panel: Black

    Material of main body: Plastic

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