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Philips HR1932/31 Masticating Juicer

Unleash all the goodness into your glass

Philips innovative MicroMasticating technology is designed to open up the cells of your fruits and vegetables to squeeze the maximum out. It makes nutritious juices and 100% natural sorbet. All parts can be rinsed clean in 1 minute.

  • Juice directly into your glass
  • Innovative drip stop keeps your counter clean
  • Inspiring recipe book included
  • Detachable parts can be stored in the pulp container

  • Juice all your favorites, including bananas and mangos

  • Include leaves, greens and nuts in your drinks

  • LED lights give you reassembly feedback

  • MicroMasticating extracts up to 90%* of the fruit

  • Unique no sieve design for cleaning in under 1 minute

  • Easily detachable and rinsed clean without any kitchen tool

  • Guilt free sorbet from natural ingredients





Philips 的創新微壓榨技術可打開蔬果細胞,大大釋放營養;可以製作營養豐富的果汁和 100% 純天然雪葩。所有部件均可在一分鐘內清洗乾淨。

  • 可倒於杯中直接飲用

  • 創新的防滴漏設計保持你的廚房桌面清潔

  • 隨附啟發靈感的烹飪書

  • 可拆式部件可儲藏於隔渣格

  • 製作您最愛的果汁,包括香蕉及芒果

  • 將蔬菜和堅果加入飲品中

  • LED組裝情況顯示燈通知組裝狀態

  • 微壓榨技術 可搾取 90%* 的水果

  • 無濾網的獨特設計令清洗時間少於 1 分鐘

  • 輕易拆卸及清洗,無需其他廚房工具協助

  • 一體式纖巧設計的榨汁機

  • 以天然材料製造的健康雪葩


Philips HR1932/31 Masticating Juicer 慢磨榨汁機

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