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Philips HD9270 Airfryer XL  

Great tasting fries with up to 90% less fat!*

Philips brings the World’s No.1 Airfryer to everyone’s home. Enjoy healthy food that's crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, thanks to Rapid Air Technology.

  • Healthy frying with Rapid Air technology

  • Fry with up to 90% less fat*

  • XL Size. For the whole family

  • Touch screen with 7 presets

  • Keep warm function

  • Fry. Bake. Grill. Roast. And even reheat

  • The No.1 low-fat fryer

  • Homemade. Made easy.

  • Airfryer experts for 10+ years

  • Easy to use and clean


飛利浦空氣炸鍋 XL

美味的炸薯條,含油量減少高達 90%!*

Philips 將世界第 1 的健康空氣炸鍋帶到每個家中。Rapid Air 高速空氣循環技術為您帶來外脆內嫩的健康食品。

  • Rapid Air 高速空氣循環技術以健康方式煎炸食物

  • 能減少煎炸食物油脂多達 90%*

  • XL 型號,適合全家享用

  • 備有 7 種預設功能的觸控螢幕

  • 保溫功能

  • 煎炸、焗、烤、燒,甚至翻熱

  • 第一的低脂電炸鍋

  • 家常菜,易如反掌

  • 超過 10 年經驗的健康空氣炸鍋專家

  • 簡單易用,方便清洗

Philips HD9270 Airfryer XL 空氣炸鍋 XL

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