breo NS 5 肩頸揉捏按摩器



  • 4顆柔和按摩頭,根據人體經絡穴位設計,仿人手觸感揉捏按摩 

  • 42 °C 溫感熱敷,快速緩解肌肉疲勞

  • 兩種按摩模式,多種按摩手法組合

  • 適用於全身按摩:肩頸,腰腹,手腕,小腿皆可使用

  • 強勁機芯,低噪音

  • 親膚材質,膚感舒適,耐髒易清潔  一鍵開關,操作簡單

  • 安全電源接口,按摩無憂


breo NS 5 - Neck & Shoulder Massager

4 soft massage head, while setting with heat function and  point massage, to provide a comfortable experience for users. Suitable for a long time sedentary people, alleviate pain caused by stagnated blood, relieve shoulder and back pain.


  • 4 soft massage heads offer a relaxing human-like massage experience.
  • Warm massage at optimal heat level (42 °C) that promotes blood circulation.
  • Built with 2 unique massage modes and multiple massage skills to relax your body and mind.
  • Extensive usage, applicable in multiple body areas like neck, shoulder, back, arms and legs.
  • Powerful massage at low noise level.
  • Comfortable and breathable silk fabric, easy to clean.
  • Easy to use with simply one switch to turn on/off and adjust intensity levels.
  • High safety factor with hidden power plug design.

breo NS 5 - Neck & Shoulder Massager


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