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HOMELEC CM07 Cordless Massager 充電式無線按摩器 


Two massagers in one, for percussion and micro vibration therapy; dissolves painful muscle knots and adhesions; improves circulation and speeds muscle recovery; soothes inflamed joints and tendons; repetitive acute percussion therapy relieves muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains.


Beauty & massage 2 in 1:
- Patented air cushion stick for joints and bones
- 6 different massage sticks (durable, easy to clean, applicable to different body parts)
- Dual motor: powerful percussion motor with 3,700 rpm, gentle micro-vibration motor with 11,000 rpm
- Long-lasting lithium-ion battery; continuously used for 3 hours or 20 – 30 minutes a day for a week for 90 minutes charging
- Adjustable speed dial (1,500 – 3,700 rpm)
- Can be used on calves, back, shoulders, arms, abdomen, neck, face, head, etc.
- Can be used with massage oil/ cream/ essential oil etc.
- Slim design with an extra-long handle: easy to maneuver over the body
- Lightweight (780g)
- Silicon handle: non-slip and anti-bacteria
- International certificate : CE, RoHS, ISO 9001, 14001, FCC, UL, TUV
- Stainless steel facial massage stick
- Vibration face massage 11,000 rpm


HOMELEC CM07 充電式無線按摩器 



- 專利的氣墊按摩頭,用於關節和骨骼
- 配備6個耐用、易於清洗、適用於不同身體部位的按摩頭
- 雙摩打設計:捶打 (3,700 rpm);震動 (11,000 rpm)
- 耐用的鋰離子電池;只需充電90分鐘,便能連續使用3小時或持續一星期每天20-30分鐘
- 可調節轉速 (1,500 – 3,700 rpm)
- 可用於小腿、後背、肩膀、手臂、腹部、頸部、面部、頭部等多個身體部位
- 可配合按摩油/按摩乳霜/精華油使用
- 纖巧設計,易於操作;長手柄,便於按摩全身部位
- 輕便 (780 g)
- 防滑、抗菌矽手柄
- 獲得多個國際認證:CE, RoHS, ISO 9001, 14001, FCC, UL, TUV
- 不銹鋼製造面部按摩頭
- 面部按摩轉速可達至11,000 rpm





HOMELEC CM07 Cordless Massager 充電式無線按摩器

  • Dimension 410 x 100 x 70
    Weight 780g
    Battery Litum-ion Battery – 18650(3.7V) x 2cell, 7.4V, 2200mA
    Battery time (full charge/ use) 90min/ 180min
    Color Black
    Warranty One year including battery warranty
    Variety in Massage Sticks 6 types
    Control Strength of Vibration Adjustable speed dial (1,500–3,700 rpm)
    Max RPM 3,700 rpm
    Components Main massager, charger, stand, 6 sticks
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