breo 石墨烯熱敷眼罩

  • 石墨烯3-5秒快速發熱
  • 三檔調溫,恆溫熱敷,呵護眼睛疲勞(40度顯示藍光,45度顯示綠光,50度顯示紅光)
  • 輕柔透氣真絲材質,觸感光滑
  • 去除電源後眼罩可水洗(手洗),洗淨後自然涼乾
  • USB電源接口,隨時隨地放鬆
  • 使用15分鐘後自動關機,保障安全



The Eye Mask is designed using graphene, a high-tech material that releases far-infrared (FIR) radiation which stimulates blood circulation when heated. Ultra-light and silky soft to the touch, this eye mask provides soothing comfort and relief to your eyes after intensive use of electronic devices or when you are lacking sleep. It also works beautifully as a sleeping mask, to help you get a blissful sleep and wake up refreshed.

3 levels temperature setting
High-tech new material graphene is used as the heating element in our product and it can provide even surface heating. High Temp -Red light 50°, Middle Temp -Green light 45°, Low Temp -Blue light 40°.

The double-layer silk fabric is comfortable and breathable, and it is ergonomically designed to make the eyes and nose feel no pressure and no burden. Adjustable straps reduce the pressure on the ears and head. Mask cover is washable.

Easy to use
It can be used anytime and anywhere you like. Just simply plug the power-saving USB cord to power bank, PC or USB adapter to power up it. No matter you want a short break or a deep sleep this electronic heating eye mask can improve the quality of your relaxation. Just connect power and feel the heat and it’s ready to go! Three temperature adjustable with USB cable, constant temperature make you feel comfortable.


High Safety Factor
Safety is a common concern with eye area since it is sensitive. Our heating eye mask with 15 Min auto-off function makes it safe to use when sleeping and no need to worry about long-time heating after falling asleep and save energy.


breo Graphene Eye Mask


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