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Green Dot Dot Bulk Set: GDD Fifteen Grains 1kg - Pack of 5pc    

1. Combined with 15 types of cereal and beans, with several nutritions.
2. The raw materials pass through dust and impurity removal. It saves time and convenience.
3. Ingredients has been pre-processed for cooking directly as same as white rice.
4. Contains Dietary fiber, which brings satiety and good for keep fit.
5. Contains dietary fiber, it swell after absorbing water, which can improve intestinal system.


Ingredient: Big Kernel Corn, Black Rice, Small Kernel Corn, Glutinous Millet, Glutinous Rice, Sorghum, Brown Rice, White Sesame, Millet, Oat, Azuki Bean, Soy Bean, Mung Beans, Black Soybean, Black Sesame, Coix Seed.
Directions: Wash free and soak free, cook in the same way with white rice. Mix Multi 15 Grains with white rice, grains to water ratio is 1:2 for better taste.
Origin: China



點點綠產品組合:  點點綠十五穀米 1kg - 5包裝

1. 由有益穀物及豆類組成的十五穀物米,一次過讓身體吸收不同營養。
3. 原料經過除塵除雜質處理,煮食前免洗免浸泡,方便省時
4. 不同配料有不同熟化處理過程,可直接煮飯,同煮同熟
4. 含膳食纖維,吸水後提膨脹供飽腹感,讓進食減少,有助減肥。
5. 不添加防腐劑和添加劑


成份: 大玉米碴,黑米,小玉米碴,大黄米,糯米,高粱,糙米,白芝麻,小米,燕麦,红小豆,大豆,绿豆,黑豆,黑芝麻,薏仁。
食用方法: 免洗免浸,可與白米同煮,以一份米加兩份水煮熟,口感更佳。
原產地: 中國

點點綠產品組合:  十五穀米 1kg - 5包裝

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