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FLEXI-BACK Multi-Level Back Stretching Device 

Adjustable stretch  device to relieve waist pain by stretching the waist's muscles, and relieve muscle tension and lower waist pain  caused by poor alignment and excessive bending of the spine.


- 3 adjustable height: 
Level 1 – to provide the minimum amount of stretch for beginners, ground clearance is 2 3/​​4 inches (7 cm)
Level 2 – provides greater stretch for advanced users, ground clearance is 3 1/2 inches (9 cm)
 Level 3 – providing maximum stretch for advanced users, ground clearance is 4 1/4 inches (10.8 cm)
- Backplane have a middle slot , it can stabilized the spine when stretching waist
- Belts can be used to fixed the device on a chair or car seat


FLEXI-BACK 可調式腰部伸展器



- 3段可調式高度:
Level 1 – 為初學者提供最小量的伸展,離地高度為2 3/4吋(7厘米)
Level 2 – 為進階使用者提供更大的伸展,離地高度為3 1/2吋(9厘米)

Level 3 – 為進階使用者提供最大的伸展,離地高度為4 1/4吋(10.8厘米)
- 背板中間設有脊柱槽,於伸展腰部時可以穩定脊椎
- 附送之腰帶可用來將伸展器固定在椅子或汽車座位上

FLEXI-BACK Multi-Level Back Stretching Device 可調式腰部伸展器

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