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Dretec BM-202 Upper-arm Blood Pressure Manometer  - Black / White

It can be used by two people with the user switching functio. The best healthcare product for you and you rfamily. 

  • Memorize the measurement results of two people (2 people x 60 times)
  • Backlight
  • Display the blood pressure level by 6 steps
  • Displays the average of the last three measurements 
  • Easy-to-read large screen(80×59mm)
  • Remaining battery information
  • Date and time display



Dretec BM-202 上臂式血壓計 - 黑色 / 白色

具有用戶切換功能,可以幫助紀錄兩個人的數據, 是你及家人的最佳醫療保健產品.

  • 記錄兩人的測量結果 (2人 x 60次)
  • 易於閱讀的背光
  • 顯示血壓水平6個等級
  • 顯示最後三個的平均值
  • 大屏幕(80 x 59 mm)清晰可見
  • 剩餘電池電量通知
  • 日期和時間顯示

Dretec BM-202 Upper-arm Blood Pressure Manometer 上臂式血壓計 - Black / White

  • Product size: W140×D110×H65mm

    Product weight: 275g

    Battery: AA battery 4pcs

    Measurable arm circumference: 22〜32cm

    Measurement range: Pressure - 0〜300mmHg, Pulse rate - 40〜199 beats per minute

    Accuracy: Pressure - within ±3mmHg, Pulse rate - within ±5%


    尺吋:約 W140×D110×H65mm

    重量:約 275g



    測定範圍:壓力 0~300mmHg, 脈搏數 40~199

    測定精度:壓力±3mmHg以内, 脈搏數±5% 以内

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