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DET30™ PLUS is a general-purpose reusable cotton mask for daily use. Made with an anti-bacterial treated fabric, it creates a barrier to obstruct droplets and has a high degree of breathability and comfort. It has three layers, with a front-pleat design that extends to cover your nose and chin and a nose wire to create a close fit. Equipped with a nano filter, this mask has 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and 70% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) ratings even after 30 washes.


DET30™ PLUS is not personal protective equipment. It is not a substitute for a medical or surgical mask or a respirator. It is not suitable for use when you are sick, or when you are in clinical settings where infection risk through inhalation is high. Always observe comprehensive hygiene measures, and refer to your local health authority for more comprehensive information.

  • Each pack contains two masks to facilitate use on alternate days
  • For personal use only; do not share one mask
  • Wash before first use (see wash instructions)
  • Do not wear if:
    • The mask is damaged, soiled or has odor
    • You have any allergic reactions / breathing difficulties or are under poor ventilation conditions
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age


DET30™ PLUS 是一款可重複使用的棉布口罩,具有以下特點,舒適貼面及高度透氣、拒水處理、阻隔飛沫、抗菌處理。適合日常使用,口罩有三層,前摺設計可延申至覆蓋鼻子和下巴,備有金屬鼻條使其更貼面。口罩配備納米濾芯,BFE 認證達95% 及 PFE 認證達70%,經過30次手洗後依然有效過濾細菌。


DET30™ PLUS 不是個人防護用品,不能直接替代醫用外科口罩或防毒面罩,不適合在高風險/醫療環境下,或在本身患有疾病的情況下使用。佩戴時亦應保持全方位的個人衞生,並請向當地衞生部門瞭解更詳細的防疫信息。

  • 每包有兩個口罩,方便使用者每天清洗替換使用
  • 每只口罩只供一人使用,不可共用
  • 首次使用前先清洗(請參閱以下清洗方法)
  • 若有下列情況,請不要使用:
    • 口罩有破損、污漬或異味
    • 佩戴時出現任何過敏反應或呼吸困難現象
    • 通風不佳
  • 不建議三歲以下幼童佩戴


      DET30™ PLUS Reusable Mask -2 piece pack (Navy/White)

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