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BRUNO Multi-Stick Blender - Pink / Lavender / Blue Gray

A light multi-functional blender you can operate easily with one hand. Crushing, mixing, carving and whisking by replacing the attachment.

  • Ultra light 540g and slim body design.
  • Stainless steel blender shaft.
  • Titanium hardened steel chopper blades.
  • Shaft attachment: for hot soup, smoothie, baby food.
  • Chopper attachment: for grinding meat, ice, vegetables.
  • Beater attachment: for egg white or cream.
  • Simple design but effectively shorten food preparation time.


BRUNO 多用途攪拌器 - 粉色 / 紫色 / 藍灰色


  • 特輕 540g 及纖幼手柄,適合女仕使用
  • 不銹鋼攪拌桿及鈦金屬加硬碎肉刀片
  • 隨機三款配件有助準備各式食材
  • 攪拌桿: 攪拌熱湯, 沙冰, 或嬰兒食品
  • 碎肉杯: 可碎肉, 碎冰, 或一般蔬菜
  • 打蛋器: 有助發打蛋白或忌廉
  • 簡易設計有助縮短食物準備時間

BRUNO Multi-Stick Blender 多用途攪拌器 - Pink / Lavender / Blue Gray

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