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breo Heated Massager Gun Sport-M0220

A small yet powerful massage gun with heating function.   Brushless motor providing massaging forces up to 2800 PRM and 10mm in depth.


- A new design which fits the palm more easily with a better holding angel, enabling simple one-hand operation
- 45℃ heating therapy provides muscle relief before massaging 
- Brushless motor providing 3 intensity levels up to 2800 PRM  and 10mm in amplitude, reaching deep into the meridian.
- Portable design, light weighted at only 405g. 
- Low noise level at around 50db
- 3 silicone massage heads to target different muscle groups for effective muscle relief.  Sillicon material that is safe and easy to clean.
- 4 hours long standby time with a full charge.  2500mAh battery polymer lithium battery.  USB-C charging port.


breo 7號熱感按摩槍 Sport-M0220



- 新款設計,握感舒適,簡易單手操作
- 45℃恆溫熱敷,熱敷舒緩僵硬肌肉,先熱敷再按摩 
- 動力升級, 3檔力度最高可達2800 轉/分,專業深度直達10mm按摩深度
- 重量僅405g,便於攜帶
- 50db低噪靜音運行
- 3款硅膠按摩頭,科學護理不同肌群, 硅膠材質無異味,易清洗
- 充滿電可使用4小時。2500mAh聚合物鋰電池長效續航。 Type-C充電口。

breo Heated Massager Gun Sport-M0220 7號熱感按摩槍

  • Product Model: Sport-M0220
    Input: 5V
    Power 10W
    Battery:  2500mAh
    Net Weight: 405g
    Product Dimension: L20 x W46 x H150 mm

    型號: Sport-M0220
    電壓: 5V
    功率: 10W
    電池容量: 2500mAh
    淨重: 405g
    產品尺寸: L20 x W46 x H150 mm

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