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Breo x Tonino Lamborghini Co-branded Edition 

iNeck 3 Pro - Neck Massager

iNeck 3, pillow with an integrated intelligent massager, perfect for relaxing, travelling or at home. The innovative 3D neck massage fingers give a very natural feeling. The fingers flex and provide correct pressure to reflex and acu-points on the neck. In addition the technology senses the force to translate into a very human like experience.


倍輕鬆 x 林寶堅尼 聯名特別版

 iNeck 3 Pro - 頸部按摩器

根據人體頸部構造,內置3D圓潤觸頭,仿照手指關節推拿,強有力的雙向揉捏動作, 270º環頸放鬆享受,令你加倍放鬆.可通過手機APP操控,隨時隨地調節按摩方式及力度。




iNeck 3 Pro - Breo x Tonino Lamborghini Edition

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