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Breo x Tonino Lamborghini Co-branded Edition 

iDream 5S - Head Massager

The massager is characterized by intelligent head massgae mode,  The body is detachable and the head circumference adopts one key adjustment design. Under the control of mobile phone app, the massage mode and force can be adjusted whenever possible to provide more relaxing massage and more convenient control.


倍輕鬆 x 林寶堅尼 聯名特別版

iDream 5S - 頭部按摩器

獨有林寶堅尼專屬音樂, 智能頭部按摩方式,包括揉壓穴位﹑ 靜心引導﹑ 智能氣壓及恆溫熱敷。機身採用可拆分設計,頭圍大小一鍵調節。可通過手機APP操控,隨時隨地調節按摩方式及力度,讓按摩更輕鬆,操控更方便。

iDream 5S - Breo x Tonino Lamborghini Edition

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