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Blueair Blue 3210 Air Purifier 空氣清新機

Completely filters air in 17 m² room every 12.5 minutes

在 17 平方米房間內,可每 12.5 分鐘完全淨化一次房間內的空氣

The new air cleaner Blue 3210 offers simple plug-and-play and clean air at the push of a button. Simply press the one-button control and the air purifier automatically delivers more clean air with less noise and less energy.


  • Designed for small bedrooms 適用於小睡房

Filters the air at a rate of about 5x an hour (or about every 12 minutes) in a 17 m² room to effectively remove up to 99.97% 0.1 µm particles like dust, pollen, mold and pet dander that can cause and exacerbate allergies.


  • Clean air at the touch of a button 輕輕一觸即可暢享清潔空氣

The one-touch enabled Auto mode is designed to help you maintain a comfortable and safe home environment. When enabled, the setting automatically adjusts fan speed based on real-time conditions reported by the integrated particle sensor. Stay up to date on your air quality with the LED display; it changes color to indicate good, moderate, or polluted.


  • Three-part filtration 三段漸進式濾網

A fabric pre-filter offers the first layer of protection, catching large particles and extending the life of the primary filter. The combination Particle + Carbon Filter uses a layer of activated carbon to filter light household odors from pets, cooking, and smoking, while the main particle filter removes airborne particles, like pollen, dust, pet dander, and more.


  • The secret behind powerful filtration 超強過濾性能背後的奧秘

Our unique combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration that we call HEPASilent™ filtration technology sets us apart. The combination allows us to use filters that are less dense than traditional True HEPA filters without a loss in performance— resulting in quiet and energy-efficient air purifiers.


  • Change color in seconds  數秒之間,顏色隨心換

Match to your space with five new premium fabric pre-filter colors (Arctic Trail included) inspired by the natural landscapes of Scandinavia. A hidden compartment in the fabric keeps the power cord hidden out of sight.


  • One-button design 一鍵式設計

Forget about adjusting settings and knobs - a single button controls it all and lets you know when it's time to replace the filter.


  • Easy filter change 濾網汰換超簡便

The built-in LED warning system glows red when it's time for a change. For optimal performance, we recommend replacing every 6 months.


  • Automatic LED dim LED 亮度自動調暗

After about 7 seconds, the LED light will automatically dim to 10% brightness.

Blueair Blue 3210 Air Purifier 空氣清新機

  • Filter Type: Particle filter + Carbon sheet. Activated coconut shell carbon. Non-woven gradient Polypropelyne fibers. Free of chemicals and binders. Fiber shedding resistance.

    Dimensions(HxWxD): 425 x 200 x 200 mm

    Product weight: 1,68kg

    Energy consumption: 2 - 10 W

    Sound level: 18 - 48 dB(A)

    Air outlet: Top

    Air inlet: 360°

    Filter recycling: Plastic. Check your local recycling requirements for carbon.

    Recommended filter change: 6 months (4,380 hours) when used 24 hours a day

    Recommended room size: 17 m2

    Air changes per hour (ACH): 4.8

    Clean air delivery rate (CADR) - Pollen: 163 m³/h (96 cfm)

    Clean air delivery rate (CADR) - Dust: 181 m³/h (107 cfm)

    Clean air delivery rate (CADR) - Smoke: 210 m³/h (123 cfm)

    Number of filters: 1

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