Japan Tuned
Audio experts who knew all about Japanese sounds listened carefully to about 1,000 songs from classics to the latest hits, and performed thorough tuning. The sound balance is adjusted so that the low range sounds softly after adjusting to a flat and natural tone with less exaggeration. As a result, from a small but large classic to the latest hit song, it has become comfortable in a wide range.


Newly designed housing that conveys the heat of live performance
Utilizing the design know-how of TWS (complete wireless earphone), which AVIOT is most good at, removes heavy batteries from cables. The housing case uses a high-quality aluminum case that is rigid and resistant to external noise, and the earphone body is downsized without sacrificing sound quality. While adopting a flat tone balance, it has been tuned to enjoy a rich bass sound even at low volumes. You won't get tired of listening to music for a long time.


High sound quality design beyond class
The acoustic chamber inside the housing has been carefully adjusted to suppress internal resonance and achieve a mid-low sound with little turbidity despite its small size. The high-speed, low-distortion driver, which AVIOT has also adopted for the upper model, has been used to improve the mid-high range linearity. The codec supports not only general SBC and AAC, but also apt-X with more information.


Perfect for sports, IPX7 waterproof performance
IPX7 level drip-proof performance has been achieved by strengthening the sealing of remote control and housing case parts. Even if you work out hard at the gym, sweat during running, or sudden rain, you'll be fine.


Built-in magnet for convenience and security
Since the earphone has a built-in magnet, it can be worn around the neck like a necklace when not in use. Don't worry about dropping it.


Anyone can easily operate.
You can perform basic operations such as volume / play / stop / song feed / song back on the remote control. In addition, because it is equipped with a microphone, it supports hands-free calls and Siri & Google Assistant.


WE-D01c 以日本人喜愛的清澈平衡音色為基準進行調音,真正專業日系調音。



熟悉日語的音頻專家聽取了大約1000首從古典音樂到最新熱門歌曲的歌曲對 WE-D01C 進行了徹底的音頻調整,在將其調整為平坦且自然的音調,使低音範圍得到平衡並良好的共振,因此 TE-D01C 在經典到最新的熱門歌曲都聽起來會很舒適。



通過仔細調節殼體內的聲學腔室,抑制了內部共振,實現了低濁度的小,中低低音。WE-D01C 在高端型號中採用的高速,低失真驅動器也增加了中高頻的線性度。編解碼器不僅支持通用 SBC 和 AAC ,還支持更具信息性的 apt-X。


IPX7 防水性能非常適合運動

WE-D01C 由外殼部件到密封內件都實現了 IPX7 級防水性能,令你運動時無懼下雨天。



WE-D01C 的耳機內置有磁鐵,因此在不使用時可以像項鍊一樣佩戴。



WE-D01C 在遙控器部分,可以進行音量/播放/停止/歌曲回放等基本操作,更配備麥克風支持免提通話及 Siri 或 Google 助手。

AVIOT WE-D01c (3 colours)

  • Built-in SoC:   CSR8645
    Voice guidance:   Japanese voice guidance
    Built-in microphone for calls:   cVc6.0 Noise Canceling
    Playback frequency:    16Hz-32kHz
    Maximum talk time:    Up to 7 hours
    Maximum playback time:    Up to 6 hours
    Charging time:     1.5-2 hours
    Charging port:    Micro USB
    Waterproof standard:    IPX7
    Bluetooth specification:    Bluetooth version4.1
    Bluetooth multipoint:   8 devices
    Supported codecs:   AAC, SBC, aptX
    Supported profiles:   A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP


  • Aviot WE-D01c Earphones x 1

    Micro-USB Charging Cable x 1

    Silicone Eartips (S/M/L) x 1

    Ear-wings (S/M/L) x1

    Pouch x1

    User Manul x1

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