​Formula Lab M8

  • Extra large 10mm High Definition Composite Dynamic Driver with clean and accurate sound

  • Advanced BT5.0 Wireless MAX with unique speaker-antenna-battery array for stable connection

  • IPX5 sweat and rain resistant - ideal for sports and outdoor use, with anti-UV coating Auto pairing to last device

  • Soft, Touch Sensitive Control with volume and track functions for ease of use

  • Compact charging case

  • Minimal audio lag - ideal for watching video

  •  M8 Monaco – White Version

  •  M8 Le Mans – Black Version

Premium Sound, Robust Wireless Connection,

Minimum Audio Lag: Promises Delivered.

You’ve probably heard it all: poor sound, wireless dropouts, audio out of sync with video. In creating our own product, we tasked ourselves with tackling these challenges as thoroughly as possible. The result is the M8, a new generation of Truly Wireless Earphones that performs like no other regardless of price.

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Motorsport-inspired Design with Hi-Tech Patterns and Fine Real Leather

The M8 took design cues from supercars with carbon fibre and honeycomb grille patterns for a high-tech look. The matching charging capsule boasts genuine leather with racy red stitching, just like the interior of luxury supercars. Traditional functional beeps have been replaced by real Italian supercar sound effects to enhance the motorsport experience.

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BT5.0 Wireless MAX: A New Level in Wireless Connectivity

We began with the latest BT5.0 wireless technology to give M8 a solid foundation. But that’s just part of the equation, because the battery, antenna and speaker are also potential sources of interference. Our Wireless MAX technology positions all three components in a unique arrangement to minimise such interference for great performance even in less ideal conditions(#1).

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Minimum Audio Lag, Maximum Video Enjoyment

BT5.0 Wireless Max significantly improves the problem of lip-syncing with video sources that have plagued many Truly Wireless Earphones. Thanks to faster transmission and higher bandwidth, audio is kept in-sync with video with barely noticeable lag(#2), making the M8 ideal for both music and video.

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Your Perfect Gym Partner

The M8 was built from the ground up to be used in the gym with a sweat-resisting construction conforming to IPX5 industrial standard. Our special D-Loop attachments provide extra security for strenuous activities like dancing or skipping.

12-Hour All-day Battery

The M8 offers some 3 hours of playback time on one charge, with an additional 3 charges provided by the charging capsule. That's a total of 12 hours(#4) – enough for a whole day of music, videos and calls!

Touch-Sensitive Control

Touch Control offers the best balance between comfort, responsiveness and ease of use. To make operation intuitive, we have adopted a simple “left to decrease, right to increase” logic. Simply tap the left earphone to decrease or the right earphone to increase the volume – simplicity at its best.

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  • WEIGHT: Earphones: right 5.0 g, left 5.0 g / Charging Capsule: 40 g

  • DRIVER: High Definition Composite Dynamic, 10 mm diameter

  • WIRELESS: BT5.0/SBC, AAC codecs


  • BATTERY TYPE: Rechargeable lithium-ion

  • CAPACITY  – EARPHONES: right 40 mAh, left 40 mAh / up to 3 hrs playback time

  • CAPACITY –  CHARGER: 400 mAh / provides 3 additional charges 

  • COMPLY™ TIPS – TrueGrip™ Pro Premium Foam Tips x2 (S/M sizes)

  • Siri voice support


Specifications are subject to change without notice

Siri is a trademark of Apple Inc.

COMPLY™ is a registered trademark of Hearing Components

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