Stable and Comfortable

  • A team of Japan audio experts aims to achieve a high “Japan tuned” sound quality

  • Equipped with Qualcomm QCC3026 Soc and high-quality driver unit, delivers ultimate sound quality  

  • Support aptX lossless audio coding , enhance sound quality

  • AVIOT designed an original built-in antenna,  allows to minimize sound interruptions

  • Features up to 9 hours continuous playback and achieves over 100 hours with the charging case on the go 

  • The charging case, with battery of about 1,800mAh integrated, can also serve as a power bank to charge mobile devices via the USB terminal 

  • Microphone with CVC noise cancelling, ensure clear call 

  • Ergonomic design and attached ear-wings as well as IPX4 level sweat and rain proof, make it ideal for different sport activities

  • 經日本音頻專家長時間進行聲音調整,真正專業日系調音

  • 配置最新Qualcomm QCC3026 TWS Stereo Plus Chipset及6mm石墨烯動圈單元,提供極具層次感的音色 

  • 支援aptX無損音頻編碼 ,提供高音質享受

  • 專用AVIOT Original內置天線 ,接收穩定

  • 播放長達9小時及100小時的電池使用時間,真正無間斷享受音樂

  • 充電盒内置約1,800mAh電池,同時可透過USB為其他移動設備充電

  • 麥克風提供CVC降噪功能,通話清晰

  • 特有防水塗層及運動耳翼,配合IPX4防水防汗等級, 適合進行不同體育活動

Price: $1380

產品停產 (Product EOL)

Inspired by the Japanese Philosophy of Sound

AVIOT's proud team of audio experts spend a lot of time and efforts for tuning basing on the feedback received for popular previous models.  We further pursued the true sound of Japan, aiming on reproducing the original sound as much as possible with the same idea as in high-end audio and basing on the flat tone balance, without using such cheap tricks as simple boosting of a part of the low frequency range or stimulating audibility more than necessary.

Using latest Qualcomm QCC 3026, and high-quality driver unit

Adopting latest QCC 3026 characterized by overwhelmingly high DA (Digital to Analog) conversion performance comparing to conventional products. Adopting carefully selected best lightweight and high-speed graphene speaker drivers without heavy DSP (Digital Signal Processor) usage allowed to achieve deeply submerged sound in the low frequency range, beautiful vocals in the middle frequency range with excellent sound image localization, and lively sound in the high frequency range which does not stick the ears.

Up to 100 Hours Playtime

The latest QualComm QCC 3026 SoC and the low power consumption design know-how of AVIOT allowed to achieve up to 100 hours of playback time, thanks to the large capacity battery within a compact and light charging case.​

​(*The playback time may be reduced when using the higher sound quality aptX codec and depending on radio wave conditions and volume.)

Compatible with high sound quality aptX codec

Besides SBC and other conventional codecs, the Bluetooth codec also supports higher sound quality standards as AAC and aptX. Using an aptX compatible Android device, you can enjoy a wide range of sounds with more information volume. The sound delay is low, about 1/3 of SBC (theoretical value). Increased sound signal processing speed allowed to reduce the sound delay when using SBC and AAC codecs. You can enjoy playing videos on YouTube without stress.​

Enjoy music longer and farther away

A large capacity battery of about 1,800 mAh is installed within a compact and light charging case. It allows to charge the earphones more than 10 times, as well as use it as a mobile battery to charge smartphones and other devices via a USB terminal.

Ideal for sports, feels comfortable to wear​

Improved fit due ergonomic design and attached ear-wings make earphones suitable for intense movement conditions, such as sport activities. A nanocoating used to strengthen the shielding against sweat and rain allowed to achieve the IPX4 level drip-proof performance.

More connected with AVIOT

A disadvantage of true wireless earphones without external cable that functions as an antenna is that the sound is easily interrupted due to crosstalk in urban crowds where countless radio waves are emitted at the same time. Utilizing the high frequency circuit design technology and implementation know-how, AVIOT designed an original built-in antenna. Together with the latest QCC 3026 SoC, characterized by extremely high resistance to noise it allowed to minimize sound interruptions even in harsh radio environments such as trains and station premises.

Very small remote control​

With buttons located on the side of the earphones you can perform basic operations such as starting and stopping the playback and adjusting the sound volume. A built-in microphone allows you not only to make calls, but also easily access Siri & Google Assistant.

Color of Elegance and Style
3 color options:Dark Rouge, Navy and Black
Comes with 2 pairs of ear-wings with different colors


  • Type of drivers​: Dynamic​

  • Size of drivers​: 6.0mm ​

  • Sensitivity​: 91dB +/- 3dB​

  • Impedance​:16Ω​

  • Max Output Power​: 5mW​

  • Chipset​: Qualcomm QCC3026​

  • Microphone​: CVC8.0 Noise Cancelling​

  • Waterproof ​: IPX4​

  • Battery Capacity​: Earbud: 50mAh / Case: 1800mAh​

  • Call Time​: Max. 4 Hours​

  • Playback Time​: Max. 9 Hours​

  • Charging time​: Around 2 Hours​

  • Supported codec​: AAC, SBC, apt-X​

  • Supported Profile​: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP​

  • Charging Port​: MicroUSB​

  • Bluetooth​: Ver. 5.0​

  • Bluetooth Multi-Pair-Link​: 3 Devices​


  • MicroUSB Charging Cable​: 1 piece​

  • Standard Earpiece​: 3 pairs (S / M / L)​

  • Ear-wings​: 2 Colors, S/M​

  • Carrying Pouch​: 1​

  • User Manual​: 1​