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AVIOT TE-BD21j-ltd 

Hybrid Triple Driver TWS Earphones 混合三單元真無線耳機

  • Compatible with the next generation Qualcomm platform, Snapdragon SoundTM.

  • 96kHz / 24bit QualcommR aptX TM Adaptive audio

  • Supports 32kHz aptX Voice and Knowles high definition microphone for clear phone calls

  • Ultra low latency of 89 ms (0.089 seconds), providing gaming users with immersive and airy operation experience 

  • Hybrid and triple driver configuration

  • Multiple device pairing is supported

  • The 'ambient micro' mode enables users to stay alert of the surrounding sounds 

  • Connect to ’AVIOT SOUND XXX‘ app to customize your earphone settings 

  • Customize  the sound quality to your preference with a 10-band equalizer (EQ) settings

  • Equipped with a "earphone detector function" that show the last disconnected location on the map to prevent the lost of earphones 

  • Easy control with high sensitivity touch control

  • 9 hours' continuous playtime and offers up to 45 hours' playtime with fully charged case  

  • IPX4 Waterproof

  • USB-Type C charging 


  • ​兼容高通下一代平台 Snapdragon Sound TM

  • 96kHz / 24bit QualcommR aptX TM 傳輸編碼

  • 搭配 32kHz aptX Voice 和Knowles高清麥克風, 提供清晰的語音體驗

  • 超低延遲僅 89ms , 為遊戲用戶提供身臨其境的敏捷操作體驗

  • 混合三重驅動器配置 (兩鐵一圈)

  • 配備多點功能,可同時連接兩個端子

  • 配備外部聲音捕捉(環境)模式, 同時捕捉周圍的聲音

  • 專用應用程序“AVIOT SOUND XXX”, 透過應用軟體可針對音質及功能操作進行個人化設定

  • 可以進行 10 段 EQ 自定義等各種調整和設置

  • 耳機檢測功能, 將自動記錄您上次使用耳機的位置

  • 採用高靈敏度觸控感應器, 簡單、優化操作手感

  • 耳機續航力達9小時, 與充電盒配合使用時, 最長可播放 45 小時

  • 配備IPX4等效防水性能

  • 充電盒接口 USB-C (Type-C)

Price: $1,998.00

The Future of Wireless Audio 

 ---  A new AVIOT flagship model that seeks sound quality beyond wireless.

TWS (fully wireless earbuds) that have been said to be difficult to achieve high sound quality like wired earbuds, and digital signals with very little signal loss and noise to just before the ears, we believe that TWS will outperform the sound quality of wired earphones.


And this time, AVIOT is closer to the belief with Snapdragon SoundTM that allows for extremely low latency and transmission of 96kHz/24bit high-resolution audio signals.Eliminates noise cancellation and other functions that may interfere with sound purity and are equipped with Qualcomm proprietary SoCs.High-end TWS designed for high sound quality with passed the strict standard of Snapdragon SoundTM.In addition to the precious music files stored in your smartphone, you can enjoy a nock that is vibrant, breathtaking and transporting the hearts of the artist, and realistic sound images spread to your eyes.

Adopts the next generation of Snapdragon SoundTM.

Compatible with Qualcomm Snapdragon SoundTM next generation platform.  Wireless audio not only achieves the highest level of sound quality, but also dramatically improves the sound quality of calls.The entire system also reduces delays for improved gaming, and more.


1. Compatible with 96 kHz / 24 bit Qualcomm aptXTM Adaptive audio; provides overwhelming high resolution and wide range range beyond audible bands. (2x the sampling rate of traditional time)

2. Supports 32kHz aptX Voice.Provides a clear voice quality call experience. (2 times the sampling rate of the conventional

High-resolution (96 kHz/24 bit) sound quality brings a whole new music streaming experience.

In combination with an Android device that supports Snapdragon SoundTM, you can play music at high resolution quality (96 kHz / 24 bit), eliminating the hardness and disnature of the digital sound source.


With an overwhelming amount of information about 3 times the CD's and a wide range beyond the human audience range, it plays sound sources precisely and faithfully, so you can feel the breath of an artist or live air.


*Requires a device that meets the Snapdragon SoundTM requirements.

Hybrid triple driver configuration that sounds high resolution (96 kHz/24 bit) sound source.

Adopts a hybrid and triple driver configuration that is suitable for high resolution (96kHz/24bit) playback where wide range is required.Accurately analyze and match the acoustic properties of 3 high-performance drivers, while also tuning the order of 0.1dB.


While meeting the Snapdragon SoundTM standard, we have achieved the most comfortable tone balance for those who have Japanese native language.

Uses high-density pulp diaphragm inspired by studio monitors.

Two balanced armature drivers are equipped with a wider range of high grade units from Knowles in the USA.   Dynamic driver uses a dual-layer diaphragm with high-density pulp cone diaphragm, which is inspired by the pulp cone diaphragm used in professional stageo monitors. This results in higher internal losses and reduced inherent noise, while the vibration plate is reduced and enhanced with magnets.

Real material for real sound. Uses duralumin

The knurling part of the earphone uses parts that are shaved from pure duralumin. Not only does it prevent slipping and making it easy to put on, but the non-magnetic body of Duralumin also prevents outside noise from entering.


The charging case with a unique sliding door is also made of high grade duralumin material for a luxurious look. AVIOT focuses on not only sound quality, but also texture and feel good.

32 kHz aptX Voice* and high definition microphones
for clear phone calls.

The microphone for call is made in the USA by Knowles for high sensitivity, low distortion as well as balanced armature drivers.Delivers clear audio with low ambient noise and echo.


Snapdragon Sound is also compatible with 32kHz aptX Voice, which boasts a sampling rate of twice as much as conventional products.Provides natural and high definition call performance.


*Requires a device that meets the Snapdragon SoundTM requirements.

Easy and comfortable operation.
High sensitivity touch sensor.

It adopts a touch sensor that is highly sensitive and has little error and malfunctions.


You can perform basic operations such as playback, pause, forward, backward, and volume control without squeezing your ears, and also use a one-tap to answer calls. Easy and comfortable to operate.

Connect to multiple terminals at the same time.
Equipped with multi-point function.

Equipped with a multi-point function that can be connected to two devices  at the same time. You can use one device to play music and the other device to stand by for calls, so you will not miss an incoming call from another device while playing music.

Don't miss the surroundings while wearing earphones.
Ambient Microphone Mode.

Equipped with an external sound capture (ambient) mode. The built-in microphone allows you to capture the surrounding sounds while wearing the earphones, so if you are interacting with a clerk or having a small conversation, you can respond smoothly by just touching the earphones lightly.

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 4.30.28 PM.png
Compatible with the dedicated app

Compatible with AVIOT earphone app. With 10 band graphics equalizers, key assignments, and earbud detection functions that utilize GPS function, AVIOT earphones can be customized to your liking.

Earphone detection function.

AVIOT app automatically records the location you used the earphone.If you accidentally misplace it, you can find it from your smartphone even if you drop it.


Driver: φ8mm dynamic hybrid and triple driver 

Maximum input: DC5V/500mA

Built-in microphone for calls: QualcommR cVc8.0 Noise Canceling

Battery capacity: Earphone One ear 50mAh, Case 500mAh

Maximum talk time: 6 hours

Maximum continuous playback time: 9.5 hours.

*when using the aptX and aptX Adaptive codecs, the playback time will be shortened by about 20 to 30%.

Earphone body charging time: About 1.5 hours

Charging port: USB Type C

Waterproof level: IPX4 equivalent

Bluetooth version: 5.2

Multi-pairing: 4 devices

Multipoint: 2 devices

Supported codecs: AAC,SBC,QualcommR aptX? ,QualcommR aptX? Adaptive

Corresponding profile: A2DP,HFP,HSP,AVRCP

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